Large Fountain with Mid Century Modern Pattern

Large Fountain with Mid Century Modern Pattern


Wheel-thrown porcelain fountiain with "Mid Century Modern" pattern and orange and blue glaze. This one-of-a- kind fountain will tranform any indoor or outdoor area into a tranquil and peaceful space.  The design allows for the perfect sound of running water, while keeping the water from splashing outside of the basin.  This fountain includes your choice of water basin. 


Option 1 is a custom fabricated above ground basin which can be used either on a patio or indoors.

Option 2 is an in-ground basins which is great for gardens and outdoor areas.


The long lasting, adjustable, 25 watt electric pump provides plenty of water. 

  • Process

    My large scale work is made from a sectional process. I first make individual porcelain sections, ranging from 10-20 pounds, on the pottery wheel. After the sections are created they are left to dry until they can handle the weight of stacking. The sections are then joined together by flipping them rim to rim. Once they are attatched they are formed into the final shape.  Time is then taken to hand-carve the patterns while the clay is still soft. 

  • Installation

    Installation instruction videos are provided with purchase. A copper pipe supplies water from the bottom of the basin where the pump is located. Installation simply requires pushing the pipe through the body of the fountain, attaching the basin top lid, hooking up and adjusting the pump, and adding water. 

  • Shipping

    Shipping is included in the price. Each large fountain is shipped in a double boxed container for secure transport.

  • Cleaning

    Fountain algaecide and clarifier may be used to maintiain optimal water conditions. Depending on the water source, fountians may be cleaned intermittently. To clean the fountain, dissasemble and scrub the surface with a mild detergent. For hard water deposits, the fountains can be soaked with a solution of vinegar. Never let acids run through the fountain pump and lines as it will effect the copper pipe. 

  • Care Instructions

    Fill the fountain with water on a regular basis. Depending on the weather conditions, the frequency may vary from days to weeks between refills. Running the pump without water can damage the pump. 

  • Dimensions

    Above ground water basin dimensions- 24''H x 22" W x 22" D

    Fountain dimensions- 54''H x 14'' W

    Fountain with above ground basin height- 77''