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Blue Flower Fountain

Wheel-thrown porcelain fountiain with flower pattern and blue glaze. This one-of-a- kind fountain will tranform any indoor or outdoor area into a tranquil and peaceful space.  The design allows for the perfect sound of running water, while keeping the water from splashing outside of the basin.  This fountain includes an above ground water basin. Please contact me if you would like a in-ground basin.

The long lasting, adjustable, 25 watt electric pump provides plenty of water. 

Blue Flower Fountain

  • My large scale work is made from a sectional process. I first make individual porcelain sections, ranging from 10-20 pounds, on the pottery wheel. After the sections are created they are left to dry until they can handle the weight of stacking. The sections are then joined together by flipping them rim to rim. Once they are attatched they are formed into the final shape.  Time is then taken to hand-carve the patterns while the clay is still soft. 

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